Monday, August 10, 2015

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Version Comparison

In today's world of network connected devices, Information Security plays a major role for every Organization to ensure that their corporate data is accessed by legitimate users via legitimate resources. To add bit complexity to the term " Legitimate Resources" we now have users using their own devices to access the corporate data  which we term as "BYOD" and it adds more management overheads to the Organization who allow this policy and with the help of strong MDM solutions we can achieve so good level of managing these devices access by enforcing policies that address our security needs.

Multi-Factor authentication puts one more layer of security to the user access on any device they use to access the corporate data and ensures that only a legitimate user who has the key to unlock the second enforced authentication lock can gain access to the data.

Azure Multi-Factor authentication is renowned for providing the above said features and beyond and a widely adapted service by most of the Organizations worldwide, Azure Multi-Factor authentication comes in various versions and knowing them to adapt the best one suit for our needs becomes mandate and this post is providing you with this comparison table.

To know more on the topic review the below documentation.

How Azure Multi-Factor Authentication works

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