Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Microsoft Edge Browser issues with Office 365

Microsoft Edge Browser is the next version of browser that comes along with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 team had made necessary changes on their service end to support this new browser version and updated the Office 365 System requirements page.

Office 365 Message Center is updated to reflect the above said information for all the tenants. Though one part of the world is experiencing the new features came along with Windows 10, including the new browser experience, there are few issues reported too.

Microsoft Edge browser though support Office 365 access there a certain known set of issues that makes this less favorable to chose and rely on the earlier version of IE for most of the common tasks.

Below Knowledge base article was published to show case the issues that you might encounter when you use the new Edge browser with Office 365.

Hopefully, Microsoft product team will address this issues in the future days to get things moved on. As we all know, nothing comes perfect the first day and gets better overtime. Lets stay tuned...

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