Thursday, August 21, 2014

Networking Fundamentals MVA Course

Its always good to recollect thing we learned during the early stages of our career and if you are individual working as an IT Administrator or a Consultant then you would have begin your Fundamentals with Networking. As we all know Networking is the basis of what we do today in the Industry and also know how it has transformed the world to the next generation of computing in the recent years. As I said earlier it will be good if we get this fundamental knowledge refreshed once by chance to make ourselves strong with the basics again.

I recently came across this new Microsoft Virtual Academy course on Networking Fundamentals and reviewed few videos during me free time and felt good and thought of writing a post to share this with you today. This course is also helpful for you to prepare for the new MTA Exam on Networking Fundamentals.

Access the Course here: Networking Fundamentals

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