Monday, August 25, 2014

Migrating to a Hybrid Server Environment with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the World's biggest and the best Cloud platform that's ruling today's IT World in Cloud Computing. Microsoft has made significant enhancements to Azure in the last few months that took Azure adoption to the next level making it one of the most prominent Cloud platform in the market that addresses the On demand needs of the customer and expands its features day by day adding more value to the IT business.


Microsoft team themselves migrated to Azure as they need to be their own primary customer in first place to evaluate the performance, cost benefits and reliability over the product through which they can tweak the product at various stages and also its a real time experience for them to understand things much better and show case the same to customers and provide them a service that meets their requirement.

As all of us know that we cannot completely rely on Cloud for everything and there are few dependencies with On premises and the best way to benefit out of the new Cloud platform and the existing On premises Platform is to unite them together in terms of "Hybrid" and mange both the environment seamlessly unified as one. Microsoft team used this Hybrid model with Azure and successfully moved their workloads to cloud.

Best thing about Microsoft is they do provide guidance in abundance when you plan to use their product or service that makes you gain the required knowledge and the prescribed guideline over which you can successfully test and implement their solution. The next good part is you can share your experience through customer or service improvements programme periodically over which the next version of the product is designed to address the needs of the customers on demand as "one size fits all" is not possible with the current Technology as its expanding in a rapid scale than ever before.

Today I write this post with reference to the new Business Case Study from Microsoft explaining how they successfully migrated their workload to Azure with Hybrid Cloud and provides you a clear understanding of how things occurred behind the screens during their migration, challenges faced and much more explained in a nutshell. I read this and found it useful and would say its a must read for Organizations and Administrators who are interested in adopting Cloud Computing to advance their knowledge and to know the benefits of Hybrid deployment with Microsoft Azure.

Download the case study here: Migrating to a Hybrid Server Environment with Microsoft Azure

Here comes the six part blog series  presenting how Microsoft IT is modernizing its datacenter showing the above said experience in detail.

Review the Series here: How Microsoft IT is Modernizing its Datacenter

Additionally, Microsoft team has provided various other resources that make you understand more on Hybrid Cloud and I would recommend you to review the below vital resources to know more on the topic, which puts you on the edge when you go through each one of these to experience the future of Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure and a complete insight of how Hybrid Cloud is going to design the next version of Information Technology .

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