Thursday, August 21, 2014

Azure AD Connect Overview

When it comes to Microsoft Technologies change is constant and inevitable overtime. The best thing about these changes are they bring some new enhancements and other add-on that adds more value to the existing Technology and addresses the on-demand needs of the customers and takes their business to the next level.

Office 365 is once such great offering from Microsoft that is constantly changing, bringing new enhancements to the customers to address their on-demand needs and gained momentum in the Industry that made it now a widely adopted Cloud Offering by many Organizations around the world and some are getting prepared to move to Microsoft Cloud on their Road-map. To make things easier Microsoft team continue to innovate new enhancements to the product line in terms of both Service Offerings and Transition tools that makes the adoption a seamless experience. 

Lets get in to our topic, I already wrote a post when Microsoft team introduced the new AAD Sync tool which will be replacing the current Directory Synchronization Tool ( DirSync) which will have some advanced capabilities that are not available with the Existing version to address the customer requirements like advanced attribute filtering, Multi-forest synchronization support etc.

Review the post here to know more with the recent updates : New Azure Active Directory Sync Services Tool

If you read the above post I referenced along with the updates marked inside it, you will see an update regarding the new release of Azure AD Connect tool  introduced by Microsoft team. This blog post is a related post written separately with an other vital reference and to make it available as an Individual topic under my Office 365 section for readers to review this great tool without missing it as this will be the one that is going to make the Office 365 deployment a bit easier than ever.

When moving the Office 365 out of all configuration Identify management becomes the first priority and as we all know Integrating your On premise AD with Azure is not an easy task and if you go for SSO with ADFS then it adds more work than normal deployment. Performing all these requires you to have more knowledge and you need to refer a bunch of documents to begin the integration and this made most of the Organization a bit delay in moving to Cloud. To address this Microsoft launched this new Azure AD Connect tool that makes this possible with simple clicks and gets you ready to move to Cloud.

Review the below post from Active Directory team to know more on this Tool and its in Beta and you can register yourself with Microsoft Connect and download the tool and test it with your Lab Environment and share your feed back to Microsoft team

Register and Download here: Azure Active Directory Connect Beta

Microsoft Active Directory team has written an excellent article and provides you clear insight on the Tool and also gives you a visual appeal on how this Tool can be used to Integrate your On premises AD with Azure.

Review here: Connecting AD and Azure AD: Only 4 clicks with Azure AD Connect

Once your reading is completed, Its time for some Walk-through video session on the topic obtained from Edge Show on Azure AD Connect and hosted by Simon May with Jen Field MSFT from the Azure AD Fabric team.

View here: Edge Show 115: Azure AD Connect

These resources I shared above will provide you suffice information on the new Tool and I will continue to update this post once I came across any new updates. Start your testing on the Tool and share your feedback to Microsoft team to add more value to the Tool before its General Availability.


Microsoft team released the Public preview of the "new" Azure AD Connect recently which is the next gen all in one tool that is going to replace the DirSync, ADFS, the newly launched AAD Sync etc. in the road-map.

Download here:  Azure AD Connect Public  Preview

Currently this public preview version is not supported for production deployments until the next release and we can expect more in the GA which is expected in the next 90 days.

Review here for more information : Azure AD Connect: One simple, fast, lightweight tool to connect Active Directory and Azure Active Directory


*Azure Active Directory Connect Public Preview - March 2015 update released with few significant updates.

Download here: Azure Active Directory Connect Public Preview - March 2015 update

Access the AD Team Blog post on the release below,

Azure AD Connect Preview 2 is available!

Stay tuned for more updates...

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