Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Experience The Future of Technology!!!

Technology is robust it gets updated every "nano second" I can say in every corner of the world and in Today's technology driven world we need to stay up to-date on what is happening now and what is yet to come to get prepared for experiencing the new innovations. I wrote this post today after reading the latest Citrix CTO article which amazed me and wanted to share this to you to join with me to a joyful journey of how our World will be in the next 5 years with the advancement of the Technology in various fields. This is a great read for you to gain an experience that you never imagined and an opportunity to see the future.

Below is the synopsis:

Each year at Citrix, we create a five-year vision of where technology is headed and its impact on people and society. The theme of last year’s technology landscape was Insights for Inspiration. This year’s landscape theme is the Joie De Vivre, which in French has two meanings:

1. Joy of Life
2. Self-Actualization

We want to help companies and individuals reach their ultimate potential. This year we will provide an update on unfolding trends, explore the future of work, and explore the future of life.

Top Icons for the chapters

Download from Slideshare here: Citrix CTO Office 2019 Technology Landscape

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