Monday, August 25, 2014

Lets Demo IronPort today!!!

Most of you out there are familiar in working with IronPort and after Cisco acquired IronPort its now referred as Cisco Email Security and Cisco Web Security Appliance. I started reading on IronPort few days ago with my new engagement and came across various rich resources available for reading and experiencing the product from basic to advanced. While reading I came across an excellent Demo available for experiencing the IronPort management interface and see what is available inside the product for Email Security.

Though this demo is not a real time demo where you can test everything similar to your Lab environment its a great one to see how the management console looks and what are the options available for management with real time view and makes you check the options under each section for managing the configuration, reports etc. I believe this demo can be slight different than your production console but the options are quite the same.  If you don't want to mess around with your Production ESA console then this is a best one to experience the product, in case there is no Lab environment to play around. I found this quite useful and thought of writing a post to share this with you.

Access the demo here: IronPort C600 Demo

Additionally, you can register with Cisco and test the virtual appliance with a 45 day trial and also you can register with  to demo any Cisco IronPort product with 30 day trial period. Both applies to customers who are going to test the product and implement it in their environment and not just to use this trail for reading as there are other alternate resources available in the community.

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