Thursday, August 07, 2014

Exchange Online Throttling Policy Overview

Throttling is not a new term for Exchange Administrators as this is a key feature we configure to tweak the environment performance by controlling how the clients consumes the resources. If you are an On premises Exchange customer its easy for you to configure these limits and modify them according to your needs when requirement changes but, If you are an Office 365 customer using Exchange Online then this becomes impossible from your end as this is a limit set by Microsoft and you no longer have control over it.

I write this post today to reference two vital articles available on the topic. You will normally experience the effect of throttling while executing some powershell cmdlets or scripts using remote powershell connected to Exchange Online. You will see some delay in execution of each result and also some times you'll get the ""Micro delay applied" warning. Microsoft team says this is due to the Throttling policy set in Exchange Online by design, and this below Knowledge base article is based on this warning, this article also says that you can contact support and increase the value with proper business justification.

Check here: "Micro delay applied" warning or delays when you run scripts and cmdlets in Exchange Online

Though this KB article outlines the issue cause and workaround it is not complete, we still miss some important part which is covered by MVP Alan Byrne on his below Blog post from The information he shares here on the topic is quite useful and you need to review and use it as a guideline when working with Exchange Online using remote powershell and even I felt this personally useful when my scripts are throttled by the service.

Read here: Exchange Online PowerShell Throttling in Office 365

Its not powershell alone that is getting throttled, we have other services too like EWS and MAPI which occupies the other major part and to know more on this review the below Exchange Dev Blog post from Microsoft.

Read here: Exchange Online Throttling and Limits FAQ

Understanding Throttling policy is really useful when you configure your environment with Office 365 to know the limits set on the service and make sure you use the resources inline with that limit, Also keeping one thing in mind that we cannot change these limits as we used to do normally and  from my experience its not easy to get it modified through Microsoft support. I have added this crucial topic to my Office 365 section now along with other vital posts.

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