Saturday, May 04, 2024

Let's Learn Microsoft Copilot for Security !

Microsoft Copilot for Security is currently revolutionizing the Security Space, with the advance AI capabilities inbuilt it enhances the power of Microsoft Security products to deliver efficiently to protect the security boundary of the Organization against the  modern Cyber Threats today.

Microsoft Copilot for Security went GA this April 2024 and available for global customers, more details can be found in the below blog post 

Microsoft Copilot for Security is now Generally Available 

To understand more about Microsoft Copilot for Security Microsoft team has put forth a great list of essential resources where you can learn on the product as well as get guidance to implement the same within your Organization.

If you are new to Cyber Security space begin here: Cybersecurity for Beginners – a curriculum

Start your learning from here: What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Official Microsoft Learn learning path : Get started with Microsoft Copilot for Security

To support your Microsoft Copilot for Security Technical journey and latest updates you can access this essential Partner Learning resource: Copilot for Security Technical Journey & Resources

For more advanced topics you can refer the Microsoft Copilot For Security Community

Attend the upcoming Microsoft Virtual Ninja Show Session to Start your Journey: Getting started with Copilot for Security

Access this Post to know how to become a Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja: How to Become a Microsoft Copilot for Security Ninja: The Complete Level 400 Training

Access the Official Tech Community blog and stay updated: Microsoft Copilot for Security Blog 

To know more on other Microsoft Security products and learning you can refer the Microsoft Security Academy

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