Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Exchange Server Roadmap Update Just Released !

Microsoft Exchange Team published a new update today on the Exchange Server Roadmap, this brings the update on the last CU For Exchange Server 2019 and availability of the Exchange vNext aka Exchange Server Subscription Edition (Exchange Server SE) in 2025.

As of today most larger Organizations follow the Hybrid Exchange deployment Model, and keeping the On-Premises Exchange Server under the supported version becomes essential to stay supported, and if you are still on Legacy Exchange Versions, its time to upgrade your environment to supported 2019 version and plan for the vNext upgrade accordingly.

You can view the below table specified in the blog post for the update path based on your current environment.

Exchange Server Subscription Edition follows the new modern Lifecycle Policy and more details are available in the blog post.

Access here to know more: Exchange Server Roadmap Update

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