Saturday, June 25, 2016

Office 365 Advanced Security Management now Available

Microsoft team recently Introduced Office 365 Advanced Security Management, a new set of capabilities powered by Microsoft Cloud App Security—to give you greater visibility and control over your Office 365 environment.

Advanced Security Management includes:

Threat detection - Helps you identify high-risk and abnormal usage, and security incidents.
Enhanced control - Shapes your Office 365 environment leveraging granular controls and security policies.
Discovery and insights - Get enhanced visibility into your Office 365 usage and shadow IT without installing an end point agent.

Advanced Security Management is included in Office 365 E5 and is also available as an add-on to other Office 365 enterprise plans for US $3 per user, per month.

You can turn on Advance Security Management in the Security & Compliance Center and start to configure the polices.

Access the Official Blog post to know more: Gain enhanced visibility and control with Office 365 Advanced Security Management

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