Monday, June 27, 2016

MVA Learning : What's New in PowerShell v5

Learn about the latest and greatest features that Microsoft has built into new PowerShell Version 5 with the latest Microsoft Virtual Academy course.

Explore the new features in PowerShell and much more with the below sessions,

1 | Introduction to PowerShell v5 -
Get an overview of the new features in PowerShell v5.

2 | Package Management
Learn what's new with package management in PowerShell v5.

3 | PowerShell v5 Security
Get the details on what's new with security in PowerShell v5.

4 | PowerShell v5 Debugging
Take a look at what's new with debugging in PowerShell v5.

5 | PowerShell Classes
Learn about classes in PowerShell v5.

6 | Just Enough Administration
Hear about the new Just Enough Administration feature in PowerShell v5.

7 | Desired State Configuration
Find out what's new with DSC in PowerShell v5.

Access the Course here: What's New in PowerShell v5

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