Monday, July 28, 2014

Official Microsoft Twitter Accounts to follow...

In Today's IT world Social Networking plays a major role and now everyone is connected with each other from anywhere on any device that's the power of Technology. Its always good to know whats happening in the Industry and stay focused on the next upcoming events and equip yourself to face the new challenges and take a deep dive in to the Technology.

When it comes to Microsoft Technology the changes are occurring at a rapid rate and to stay inline with these changes we need a strong medium which continue to update us with the latest happening everyday, every minute and even every second I would call, for which our "Twitter" takes the credit. Believe most of you already have a Twitter account and started to follow your favorite people and shared thousands of tweets across the globe, eventually for most of the people it has became a part of life, I am including myself for example.

Today I wrote this post to share you the recent Microsoft WIKI page, I came across containing the most vital Official Twitter accounts that we can follow to get the latest updates on Microsoft Technologies as stated above, All of these accounts are made available under a single window and the beauty is, its getting updated on regular basis and allows you to keep a track on the latest accounts once available and even you can suggest one if you find to include to the list.

Microsoft team broadly classified these accounts into the below categories and you can choose the ones to follow as needed.

Microsoft Twitter Accounts
  •     Advertising
  •     Careers
  •     Community Initiatives and Corporate Citizenship
  •     Conferences
  •     For Business Users and IT Decision Makers
  •     For Developers
  •     For IT Pros
  •     For Partners
  •     Help and Support
  •     Influential Individuals
  •     Learning, Education and Students
  •     Licensing
  •     Microsoft - News and Major Announcements
  •     MVP Program
  •     Open Source
  •     Products and Product Teams
  •     Research and Labs
  •     Security and Online Safety

Review the WIKI Here: Official Microsoft Twitter Accounts

Start following these accounts to stay up-to date with Microsoft Technologies and share your tweets to enhance the community. Happy Tweeting...

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