Thursday, July 10, 2014

Codename Oslo is now "Delve"

Microsoft Officially announced yesterday their new project Codename "Oslo" will be now called as "Delve", the most awaited Office graph feature will be released by the end of this year for Office 365 customers as per Microsoft Official announcement.

"Announced earlier this year as Codename Oslo, today we’re sharing that the official name is Delve. Delve, the first experience powered by the intelligence fabric we call the Office Graph, will be available to Office 365 customers later this year. It’s an incredible new way to search and discover content across Office 365 that delivers personalized insights based on machine learning. Delve surfaces information that would be of interest and relevance to you, enabling you to discover and connect with new information you might otherwise not have. Delve effectively removes the information silos that exist across applications, while better supporting information discovery to enable teams to work together as a network."

Microsoft team is getting ready for the next week Worldwide Partners Conference and this time they made lot of innovations to their product line to meet the on-demand requirements of the Cloud market, few other notable things are Azure Machine Learning , New SMB Plans for Office 365 etc. Below Official Microsoft Blog post outlines these announcements and we can expect by the end of this year Microsoft's Innovation in their Cloud business will take the industry to the next level.
Review the Blog post here: Microsoft delivers updates, innovations and expansions to meet cloud demand

Checkout this updated Office Blogs post : Introducing Delve (codename Oslo) and the Office Graph

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