Wednesday, September 07, 2016

PowerShell is Open Sourced !

Greatest milestone in the history of PowerShell happened last month, Now PowerShell is provided as an open source project on GitHub, available on Windows, Linux and macOS! This is a great news, as many of the customers required to utilize PowerShell other platforms and Microsoft took to the right decision inline with their focus on the support for Open Source Software.

Official Announcement here : PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

Read the Windows PowerShell blog post here for additional information :  PowerShell on Linux and Open Source!

Access the How-To demos from Channel 9 here : PowerShell Open Source Project

Be sure to watch the video session presented by the father of PowerShell himself "Jeffrey Snover" on the new announcements, and the story behind how this innovation started and went live.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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