Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Get ready for AzureAD admin experience in the new Azure portal !

After the announcement of (codename Ibiza), general availability (GA) status Last December, which is now the default portal for Azure, Microsoft team started to move the Services and applications from the Classic portal to the new Azure Portal. In this road-map this week we had a significant announcement on the Public Preview of AzureAD Admin experience in the new Azure portal. Azure AD is moving to the new portal in phases and within a few months the new portal will have all the features of the classic portal and beyond.

As stated in the announcement, to try the new experience you need login to the new portal as a global administrator of your directory. In the coming weeks, Microsoft team will update the new experience so that it works well for other directory roles such as user administrators and password administrators.

This new portal looks pretty good and will be enhanced in the upcoming days, Login today and share your feedback!

Access the Official Announcement with the Walk-through guidance here:  The AzureAD admin experience in the new Azure portal is now in public preview!

Additionally review the below chart to check which portal supports the Azure services and applications that you use.

Access here: Azure portal availability chart

See Week 1 update here: AzureAD in the new Azure portal: Week 1 update – Already being used in 125 countries!


One more exciting announcement was made recently that, Ping Identity and Microsoft are partnering to provide secure access to on-premises web applications through the Azure AD Application Proxy and PingAccess. This partnership will expand the reach of Azure AD for customers and is a key proof point of Microsoft vision that “Identity is the new control plane.”

Access here: AzureAD and PingAccess: Partnering to bring you Secure Remote Access to even more On-Premises Web Apps

Stay tuned for more updates...

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