Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Microsoft IT Showcase - Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft

I recently wrote a whereto post on the new Microsoft Virtual Academy expert level course for Deploying Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, this course provides complete in-depth training for you to know more on EMS and enhance your skills to deploy and administrate EMS in your Organization. As an add-on to the learning, you want to know how Enterprise Mobility can be implemented in a large Organization, and the best practices that you ideally need when you plan for your's, now take a look at the IT Showcase Course on Microsoft's own Journey.

Learn how Microsoft implemented mobile solutions globally to support its 180,000 internal users, Be sure to take this IT Showcase course, as you continue your exploration of “how Microsoft does IT.” Get insight into the best practices Microsoft has employed to plan, design, deploy, and manage mobile solutions, and hear practical details from Microsoft IT subject matter experts (SMEs).

Below are the key topic covered in the course,

1 . Introduction - Get an overview of Microsoft IT, the IT Showcase team, and the background on the Microsoft IT story of how Microsoft went to the cloud.
2 . Evolution of Mobility and Storage - Explore the history of storage and how its evolution has enabled the modern mobile computing trends.
3 . Mobility Management - Learn about the Microsoft IT mobile strategy and how the team manages the mobile environment.
4 . Application Development - Find out how Microsoft IT develops applications in the modern cloud-first, mobile-first world.
5 . MS Approvals Case Study - Get the details on MS Approvals, an application that leverages legacy applications and cloud technologies to deliver a modern application experience.
6 . Security in Mobility - Explore the Microsoft IT approach to mobile security, from the basics to preparation for cyberattacks.
7 . Identity Management - Gain insight into the Microsoft IT transition to the mobile workplace and how identity and authentication changed.
8 . Access Management - Find out how Microsoft IT created a policy-driven enforcement of access to resources.
9 . Mobility Future - Learn about how Microsoft IT sees mobility evolving in the future.
10. Conclusion - Learn how it all comes together. Hear the story of a day in the life of a Microsoft employee.

Access the IT Showcase here: Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft

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