Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vision eBook - Protecting and Empowering Your Connected Organization

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility team published a great e-Book for readers, to know how to Protect Identities, Devices and Company Information in Today’s Device-Centric World.

In Today's cloud connected world, its essential to know how to move your workloads to cloud and also allow users to utilize the benefits of latest technology innovations, without compromising security and this e-Book is worth reading to know more on this topic and begin your journey with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).


I recently came across few more vital resources on the topic and referenced below for your reading as an add-on read.

Download: Managing Access and Help Protect Corporate Email Data on Mobile Devices

Download: Deploying Enterprise Solutions for Protecting Email Data on Mobile Devices

EMS Architecture Poster: Enterprise Mobility Poster

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