Monday, January 26, 2015

South Asia MVP Open Day 2015 Roundup!!!

I would like to begin this post with the famous Quote "No matter how far we travel, the memories will follow in the baggage car" this is quite known to all of us, The best part is some of them travel along with us for a longer period of time, and this post is about one of such beautiful memories that added to my collection, came through my recent experience in the South Asia MVP Open Day 2015.

Being my first year as a Microsoft MVP, I was so eager to attend this event and counted my days towards the big day to meet everyone in the community, in which I am now given a chance to be a part of.  This event was organized In the Silicon Valley of India, "Bangalore" in a quite amazing location abundant with nature and ambiance.

Once I reached the location, I was amazed to see a great number of fellow MVPs arriving to the event and the numbers increased overtime, which  really made me happy, that I am now getting a chance to meet most of them in one place and can spend sometime valuable time together. We all had a warm welcome by the Organizers. We refreshed ourselves quickly to unveil the surprise awaiting and was ready to begun the event.

I am still re-collecting all the beautiful moments and learning we had in the last two days, the list is quite lengthy and this post should then need to be converted to a Series, if I started to share all of them. I will cover some of the great moments in a nutshell, and share my joy and experience to you all, because "Happiness is only real when Shared". 

It begun with the Introduction session on the MVP program, Its value and benefits to self and to the community, hosted by Microsoft Community Mangers and MVP Leads, who Organized this great event and head the MVP program in South Asia

The Introduction session was quite amazing as we got an opportunity to meet Our Community Managers, in live and got our Queries answered. Gained a better visibility on the MVP Program through which we all can do more to the community and also guide the aspiring candidates outside to be a part of this great program.

To add to this, We had few great Sessions Organized in a way that adds more value to the work that we do in our day to day basis in every corner of the Technology, from Traditional "Microsoft Office" and it extended to the Cloud "Microsoft Azure" and even beyond.

These sessions were hosted by fellow Senior MVPs and Microsoft Technical Leads and Managers in an efficient way that gave us more than what we expected from their sessions, because there is always more when you learn from the "Experts".

Then, It was party time, where we MVPs meetup in Indian Traditional Costumes to represent our culture in the late evening and had a great time together stepping away from our Technology discussions for a while.

Microsoft does not restricted and limited our learning only on Technology, and it went one step a head where we learned some of the greatest Leadership Qualities from Industry experts and real world examples, which really moved us all and I would say on a personal note it gave me a spark that will for sure going to reshape my career towards the path of enlightenment.

We MVPs are not only strong and Innovative on our writing and we can do more, we are only "Separated by our Technology, United by Microsoft" and to prove this, We were given activities as Teams on the move, which we never expected to be so great, through which we gained a lot of learning, from Team work to Leadership and even it went beyond and Ignited our Innovative ideas that can really shape Microsoft's future and take it to the "Edge of the Curve". 

Finally, the big event came to an end, only by time I would say, as the memories stay still fresh. We all were ready to go back with this great feeling to our homes after saying most painful word "Bye for now... "

I would say, this was a great beginning for some new Relationships, that's going to do some effective new advancements to what we do to the community and take it to the next level.

We were given some great goodies that will make us remember this event. Also we have the most evergreen Picture of all us together that remains forever and speaks a lot than I can describe.

I would heartily thank Microsoft and The South Asia MVP Award program for Organizing such great events,  which really adds more value to us as Community Leaders and also gives us an opportunity to meet one another to do more. I always believe "People together with Great minds do Miracles".

I believe you would now have a visual experience of my great memories, and would thank you for spending sometime in reading this post and shared my happiness.

You can expect few other great write-ups soon in the upcoming days in my blog the latest Technology happenings as always along with few of my great experiences as above that will for sure be interesting and add more value to what you get here. Bye for now...

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