Monday, January 05, 2015

Know Azure AD better today !!!

Today I came across this excellent write-up in the ASK PFE Blog on Azure AD by Michael Hildebrand - MSFT, which is a must one to read for every Administrator who work with Azure AD and also for the ones who are on the way to learn and adopt the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Below are vital topics and FAQs covered in the article with rich content and I would suggest you to spend some time and read this article top-down and fully understand what is Azure AD and what is possible with Azure AD etc. to enhance your knowledge on the topic and stay top on what you do now with Azure.

  • Hello Azure Active Directory
  • Why should I care about Azure AD?
  • How do I populate our Azure AD directory with on-prem AD user information?
  • Is Azure AD an LDAP-compliant directory? How do we interact with AAD programmatically?
  • Is there Group Policy in Azure AD?
  • Can I deploy an instance/replica of Azure AD in my on-prem Datacenter?
  • Can I deploy an instance/replica of my on-prem AD into Azure?
  • Is Azure AD content replicated across international borders?
  • Are there parent/child relationships if I have more than one AAD directory (like those in a Windows Server AD forest)?
  • How do I manage Azure AD? Is there an equivalent to AD Users and Computers ("A-Duck" for you old-school AD admins)?
  • Do we still use Kerberos, NTLM, LDAP, ADSI, and other protocols I'm familiar with?
  • What's in a name?
  • I've been doing AD admin work since the dawn of AD with Windows 2000 – is my profession in jeopardy?
  • Ok – my New Year's Resolution is to learn more about Azure, Azure AD, Azure datacenters, etc – where can I get more information?

Access the post here: Azure Active Directory for the Old-School AD Admin

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