Friday, December 12, 2014

MAPI/HTTP Support now available for Outlook 2010 Client

Microsoft team recently released the new Hotfix that enables MAPI / HTTP support for Outlook 2010 client, earlier this year Microsoft promised that this will be added to Outlook 2010 client and now this feature is made available and there is no much Official announcement on this topic and soon we can expect this to happen with real time updates.

More information on this topic is already available in the below EHLO Blog post and as stated inside, Office 365 customers are not required to do any server side changes and all they need is to have the supported client to connect to the service to get this feature to work provided this feature is enabled for the tenant from Microsoft end which is already in process as the roll-out begin by this May 2014.

Outlook Connectivity with MAPI over HTTP

Execute the below cmdlet to validate whether this feature is enabled or not if it shows as True then you are all set to install the hotfix by requesting it as guideline in the knowledge base article and proceed with the next steps.

Download the Hotfix here: Hotfix KB2899591 for Outlook 2010 December 9, 2014 (Outlook-x-none.msp)

Update: Hotfix pulled back due to installation issue

Stay tuned for more updates...

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