Friday, December 12, 2014

Azure AD News - Year End Wrap up !!!

Microsoft team is consistently enhancing Microsoft Azure platform rapidly with rich set of features making it robust and the most prominent cloud platform in the IT Market. To add more to this Microsoft team made some significant announcements recently before concluding this year for Azure AD.

More information on this topic is covered in the below referenced Active Directly Team Blog post and its a must one to review to stay updated with new Azure features which eventually benefit Organizations to plan for some good moves in the next year.

This blog begins with the great news from Microsoft Team that over 4 million organizations are using Azure AD and it has completed 1 TRILLIONTH authentication.

Below is the extract from the blog post to know things covered inside in a nutshell.

  • Generally available (GA) as of today:
  • Password write-back in Azure AD Sync: Users can now change their passwords in the cloud and have the change flow all the way back to your on-premises AD.
  • The Azure AD App Proxy: This proxy makes it easy to give your employees secure access to on-premises applications like SharePoint and Exchange/OWA from the cloud without having to muck around with your DMZ.

And in public preview:

Question based security gates for use in password resets

Admins can add their own password SSO based SaaS apps to Azure AD

And probably the most exciting news of all - Administrative Units (AUs). AU's are like OUs modernized for the cloud. They let you sub-divide your Azure Active Directory, enabling the separation of administrative duties and policy creation across a large company.

Finally we are making Azure AD Premium available for direct online purchase, using a credit card, in the Office 365 admin portal (you do not need to be an existing Office 365 customer to buy).

Access the Blog post here : Wrapping up the year with a boat load of Azure AD news!

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