Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time to Say Good Bye soon for Office on Demand from Office 365 !!!

Microsoft team recently made an announcement that starting November 2014 Office on Demand feature will be removed from Office 365 Subscriptions and provided few alternatives which is not quite comfortable in comparison with this cool feature which exists for a while now, Having an active Office 365 subscription and accessing Office Apps on Demand from any PC is a great innovation from Microsoft which just takes minutes to get the application launched from anywhere on demand to get the work done. This is really a sad news for Office 365 customers and everyone is now getting ready to say Good bye to this feature and looking at the feasible alternatives provided by Microsoft team.

Below is the main context taken from the Official Community forum Link on this announcement.

Starting November 2014, we will be removing the Office on Demand feature from Office 365 subscriptions including, Office 365 Small Business Premium, Midsize business, Enterprise (including equivalents), and Office 365 ProPlus.   To help improve how you and your users can continue to use your favorite Office application we recommend taking advantage of recent rich capabilities in Office Online, shared computer activation and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp.

Review the Official Announcement here: We’re making some changes to Office 365 ProPlus

Additionally review the below Redmond Channel Partner in depth discussion post with various key reviews over this announcement.

Microsoft Dumping 'Office on Demand' for Office 365

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