Friday, September 05, 2014

Directory Integration Tools Feature Comparison

Microsoft team now provides various synchronization tools to Sync your On premises Directory objects to Azure. I recently came across this MSDN article that provides feature comparison between each tool and showing us their current capabilities along with the future enhancements on its way.

Below are the tools that are compared in this article
  • Azure Active Directory Synchronization Tool (DirSync)
  • Azure Active Directory Synchronization Services (AAD Sync)
  • Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 (FIM)
Dirsync is the common tool that is used with Office 365 and with the latest version few new features added and they are covered in this article. FIM is used with Complex multi-forest scenarios and still few Organizations utilizes this in their setup. Finally, AAD Sync which is the latest tool still under beta and will soon be reaching its General Availability and replace Dirsync and FIM requirement with its robust capabilities.

This article is categorized as shown below, Available features under each category is compared between the tools.
  • On-Premises to Cloud Synchronization
  • Cloud to On-Premises Synchronization
  • Authentication Feature Support
  • Set-up and Installation
  • Filtering and Configuration

Access the Comparison article here:  Directory Integration Tools Feature Comparison

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