Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Web Application Proxy (WAP) and Application Request Routing (ARR) - Ignite Webcast

When comes to publishing our Exchange Server to outside world the first thing come to our mind in past days in ISA and then we had its next version TMG, As everyone aware that TMG is discontinued and its Main stream support is ended and its in extended support period and Organization's who has already adopted TMG is still using it and for new deployments we can no longer rely on TMG.

With the advancement of the Technology Microsoft Team made some new enhancements to their Windows Server product line through which we can now publish Exchange without the need of TMG using either Web Application Proxy (WAP) or Application Request Routing (ARR) both has its own pros and cons and different deployment approach and functioning, based on the Organization's requirement we can adopt any one of these to publish Exchange, Having good knowledge on these new TMG Alternatives is now a mandate for every Exchange Admin for publishing Exchange securely with their future deployments.

To know more attend the upcoming Ignite Webcast scheduled this month June 26 9.00 AM PST presented by Senior PFE Georg Hinterhofer MSFT.

Register here:  Web Application Proxy (WAP) and Application Request Routing (ARR)

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