Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Exchange Online Protection How To Videos now Available!

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is the current version available with Office 365 replacing FOPE and also available as a stand-alone product to provide support for On premises customers, most of the customers who are familiar with FOPE find some difference in managing EOP which now comes within the EAC for GUI management and Remote powershell management by connecting to the EOP Service. We no longer need to manage things separately as before with FOPE. Being said all these, there are still some dilemma exist among the Admins to know how to manage EOP for various day to day tasks, to overcome this Microsoft EOP team has published a video series covering most of the common tasks with EOP.

This Series includes below walkthrough videos,

Set up mail flow

Configure IP allow and IP block lists

Configure spam content filtering

Find and release messages from the quarantine

Configure the outbound spam policy

Configure the anti-malware policy

Configure transport rules

Start using Remote PowerShell

Review the complete Video Series here :  Videos for getting started with EOP

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