Saturday, May 17, 2014

Office 365 Technical Update with Steve Goodman

Microsoft team continue to innovate more with Office 365 and there were many great changes, innovations, and enhancements made to the product in the recent months which went far beyond imagination as Microsoft did these things rapidly and there are more yet to come and these features were announced one after the other via the Office Blogs, Lync Conference 2014, MEC 2014 and Teched NA 2014 and there were detailed sessions presented during these events for audience to know more on the present and the future roadmap of Office 365.

I wrote this blog here today to refer you to the latest presentation shared by our renowned MVP Steve Goodman on his blog where he presented this on the recent Office 365 UK Midlands User Group meeting covering all the recent happenings with Office 365 in a nutshell, I did wrote few posts and references on all these happenings as an when I got the update and made it available under the Office 365 section and this presentation is an excellent one to review by every O365 Administrator. where Steve put his efforts to bring things under a single window explaining each and every feature and enhancements clearly and makes us aware about where we are now and where we are heading to with Office 365, You can refer the blog below and access the presentation and get to know more with Office 365.

Access the post here: Slides from Office 365 UK Midlands User Group

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