Saturday, May 24, 2014

Extending your Active Directory to the Cloud

Its time for reviewing one more vital Teched NA 2014 Session on Hybrid Cloud Deployment, Microsoft team is continuously innovating more on their Cloud platform "Microsoft Azure" and in the recent Teched event the released many significant great features and enhancements for Azure and extending its capabilities to the next level providing a successful Cloud solution suitable for all customers.

 Check here to know more on the recent enhancements for Azure: VM Security Extensions, ExpressRoute GA, Reserved IPs, Internal Load Balancing, Multi Site-to-Site VPNs, Storage Import/Export GA, New SMB File Service, API Management, Hybrid Connection Service, Redis Cache, Remote Apps and more…

When you plan to move to Cloud the best suggested method to adopt is the Hybrid deployment model, Here you will get the benefits of managing both the On premises and Cloud environment seamlessly moving your workloads to and fro as needed. Microsoft team is working hard in making the Hybrid Cloud deployments more smooth and enhancing its capabilities so that customers can setup and adopt their cloud solution at ease. Lets get in to our topic for the day, Today I am going to reference you to the Teched Video session on Hybrid Identity:Extending Active Directory to the Cloud, when it comes to Hybrid deployment the most vital part is to manage the Identities wherein both the On premises and Cloud objects should be treated as objects belong to the same Organization which makes the real hybrid possible and in order to do that we need to extend our Active Directory to the Cloud and to make this possible we rely on the Identity platforms available from Microsoft team like DirSync, new AAD Sync etc. and for providing successful authentication we rely on the ADFS and this video session explains the same with real time scenarios providing an deep insight on how we can extend our AD to Azure and gain a seamless experience of providing rich service to end users across all devices accessed from anywhere.

Access here:  Hybrid Identity: Extending Active Directory to the Cloud

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