Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Microsoft on Enterprise Social

Technology is expanding rapidly minute by minute and its hard for us to keep up the phase with all these changes and its always good if we know what is happening around us and try to inculcate all those information over time and start our learning and evolve to explore more from there brings the next innovation.

In today's world collaboration plays a major role in any business and everyone who work with different technologies or domains or even in the same platform at different locations needs to interact with each other to share some information or co-ordinate to work on a particular project, Employee of an Organization wants to connect with some other department colleague on a official requirement or lets even extend this communication across various other external business partners outside the Organization for all this to happen we need various mode of communication and imagine if we can have this all under a single window which makes our life easier and has capabilities that accomplish all this with renowned procedure without any major changes or learning requirements, yes we do have one like this made available now in the form of Enterprise Social Network, we can even call this as the next generation Business communication Model which may soon come in one size that fits for all and Microsoft team is now concentrating more on this part and innovating more on extending the capabilities of their Enterprise Social platform which takes their Technology to the Next level extending across boundaries.

As of now I believe everyone is aware about "Yammer" Microsoft's Enterprise Social Network product which is available in the market for a while now making the above said effective collaboration possible by integrating itself with Microsoft Office 365 platform and also even serve as a stand alone Enterprise product and forming the next generation Enterprise Social Network model with many other innovations added to it which are on the way along with this.

Microsoft team updated about their new Office 365 Innovations during the SharePoint Conference 2014 where they spoke about Enterprise social enhancements they made through Yammer integration with Office 365 and the future plans via the Office Blogs providing some insight on their new Innovations like Office Graph, Oslo, Groups and other great features added and gave us a strong insight that we are about to see some great changes over the way we communicate henceforth and there comes a new beginning.


Check this blog post to know more: Work like a network! Enterprise social and the future of work

Post this they made some significant announcements on the benefits of using these features and how it adds value for Exchange in the MEC 2014 and published a blog post explaining things in a nutshell along with some additional features that were made available for Office 365 customers proving that Microsoft's innovation does not occur in one place and it benefits all.

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Microsoft team took a great opportunity in this Teched NA 2014 and delivered few great sessions on their new innovations and their Road-map towards Enterprise Social which I wanted to share here for you to know where we head to with Microsoft.

Access here: Microsoft's Roadmap for Enterprise Social

Access here: Introducing Codename "Oslo" and the Office Graph

Also take a quick preview on this new Youtube video showing the "Oslo" and "Office Graph" in action

View here: Introducing Codename Oslo and Office Graph

Once you complete reading the blog posts and viewing the videos you will understand how Microsoft team is making new innovations to the way we collaborate and taking the Enterprise Social Network beyond imagination. We can say this is just a beginning and expect more to come in the next upcoming days...

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