Friday, July 21, 2017

MVA Learning: Optimize Your Network for Microsoft Cloud Offerings

Is your organization moving to a cloud-inclusive infrastructure or planning your Journey,  As an IT Pro, part of your responsibility is to prepare your network environments to handle the increased traffic and to create stronger infrastructures. Access the latest Microsoft Virtual Academy course to know how to optimize your Network for Microsoft Cloud Offerings.

This MVA course is based on the content in the Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects poster and covers the below essential topics,
  • The fundamental shift in networking for cloud-based computing
  • On-premises network path optimization
  • Optimizing intermediate systems in your network edge
  • The role and use of ExpressRoute connections
Access the Course here: Optimize Your Network for Microsoft Cloud Offerings

Review the real time case study of Microsoft's own Journey here: Driving digital transformation with modern network infrastructure

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