Sunday, July 23, 2017

Let's Learn About DevOps

"DevOps" is the new buzzword for many people and many are eager to know what is DevOps? and How it changes today's traditional IT approach, and how it benefits Business Organizations etc. and to know this you have ton of resources available now in the Online Communities.

DevOps ensures both Development and Operations team work together effectively by breaking the "Wall of Confusion" that affects the efficiency of delivering services. DevOps is a cultural change inside the Organization that requires proper planning, training and implementation, and many Organizations have already started to embrace DevOps, and having good knowledge on this new ways of working is essential for every IT Pro today.

When I started learning about DevOps I came across few great resources available from Microsoft and thought of writing this blog post to refer you to begin your DevOps Journey. Some of you would already came across these resources and for some it could be new and beneficial.

Lets begin...

Microsoft Virtual Academy team published a Blog post in the Born to Learn Community that provides references to 8 key resources to begin your DevOps Learning

  • Introduction to DevOps (on edX)
  • DevOps Dimension (on Channel 9)
  • DevOps Fundamentals (on Channel 9)
  • Building Blocks: DevOps and Enterprise Development (on MVA)
  • Modern IT: DevOps to ITIL, Creating a Complete Lifecycle for Service Management (on MVA)
  • The DevOps factory (on TechNet)
  • The DevOps blog (on TechNet)
  • Enabling DevOps Practices with Visual Studio Online Build (on MVA)

Access Blog post here: 8 Ways to Learn About DevOps

In addition to the above review few more additional resources referenced in the below IT Resources & Training space from Microsoft Tech Community.

Access here: Enhance your knowledge of the rising DevOps culture

Above resources covers most of your learning path to DevOps, in addition to this you now have the latest MVA course to know the answers for Top 10 DevOps Questions

Access the course here: Top 10 DevOps Questions Answered

If you are in to Mobile development then download the free Mobile DevOps e-Book: Mobile DevOps methodology e-book: Your Guide to Mobile DevOps

Above collection are some of the key resources curated from my end and you have much more available Online to advance your Learning.

Follow Key DevOps Twitter Handles and Enthusiasts in the Online communities to know the latest updates.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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