Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ADFS Deep-Dive Series

Organizations that require granular control over the application access and true SSO deployed ADFS servers in their environment for quite sometime, implementing and managing these servers is quite challenging and the Administrator who is going to handle the day to day operations should have strong knowledge on ADFS, from how it works to some more advanced topics in a nutshell.

Microsoft team has released the below ADFS Deep-Dive Series to provide adequate knowledge to ITPros, reading these blog posts are quite essential for every Administrator who work with ADFS and a crucial requirement for an consultant, who works on Office 365 deployment for larger enterprises, that involves true SSO experience.

Along with this series you can also give a read to this essential related post to know more on ADFS Claim rules.

You can expect fewer more posts in the upcoming days in this series with more deep dive stuff... stay tuned...

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