Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Long Awaited Shared Mailbox Sent Items Configuration comes to Exchange 2013 !

Microsoft team today made an significant announcement on Exchange Shared mailbox sent items configuration with Exchange Server 2013, unlike Exchange 2010 configuring the Shared Mailbox to keep a copy of E-mails sent from the shared mailbox either via SendAs or SendOnBehalfOf access in the sent items of the same shared mailbox was not available with 2013. As per the official announcement this feature is now made possible with the next CU9 release for Exchange Server 2013 and also applies with Office 365 once the build gets updated in Exchange Online.

Review the EHLO Blog post for more details : Want more control over Sent Items when using shared mailboxes?


Ability to control the behaviour of Sent Items for shared mailboxes when users either send as or on behalf of shared mailboxes was made available for while now as discussed above , and now Microsoft Exchange team made a significant announcement that currently this feature is rolling out for User mailboxes in Exchange Online and later with Exchange 2016 CU6.

Access the Official Blog post here: Sent Items behavior control comes to Exchange Online user mailboxes

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