Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Identity and Access Management features added to Office 365!!!

Today Microsoft team made a significant announcement for Office 365 by adding two most awaited features to Office 365 which were earlier part of premium subscription.

Below is the extract from the Official Announcement

"Today we are adding two Identity and Access Management features to the Office 365 subscription, which were previously only available with an additional Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium or Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription. The new features are the Sign in page and Access Panel company branding and cloud user self-service password reset. These two new features are beginning to roll out for Office 365 customers starting today."

Note: Azure AD Self-service password reset is applicable only for Cloud managed accounts and for Accounts managed via On premises, you still need to be using Azure AD premium or Azure Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription.

Also a quick comparison table of Azure AD features and Azure AD usage reports included with Office 365 subscriptions  is provided for reference.

Access the Official blog post here: Sign in page branding and cloud user self-service password reset for Office 365

Keep an eye on the Office 365 Roadmap site, we have more to come soon...

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