Monday, February 23, 2015

Exchange Hybrid: Automated Hybrid Troubleshooting Experience

Exchange Hybrid deployments are now widely adopted around world, though this deployment model is set to be complex, Microsoft team made their best efforts all the way in simplifying the deployment methods with each version of Exchange server from the time this model was introduced to till date and also added more features on the fly, which reduced the deployment overheads and increased the adoption rate.

Troubleshooting Hybrid deployments is always challenging, It involves some deep dive knowledge on the Environment design, Since we are connecting two different environments to work like one to provide seamless experience of Mail flow, Free/Busy look-up, E-discovery, Mail Tips etc.,

While deploying Hybrid model using the new Hybrid Configuration Wizard we might get in to some configuration issues that will make the Wizard fail and up next is to identify the underlying issue using the HCW logs and try to resolve it with support and re-run the wizard.

 To make things easier Microsoft team today released the new Automated Hybrid Troubleshooter Tool, "Exchange Hybrid Configuration Diagnostic" which will run diagnostic checks and provide solution to address some of the common failures and also upload the logs to Microsoft Data Center, which can be used by the support personnel for faster troubleshooting.

Microsoft team is planning to add more complex troubleshooting features to the tool in the upcoming days.

Access the Tool here: Exchange Hybrid Configuration Diagnostic

Note: Only IE is supported, if you use other browser you will get the below message.

Once the Tool is successfully Launched on the Machine where the HCW failed it will Run Checks and start the diagnostics.

Review the Official Blog post here for more details : Automated Hybrid Troubleshooting Experience

As always try to use the Tool and share your feedback !!!

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