Monday, November 30, 2015

Office 365 Groups Overview, Administration and Roadmap in a NutShell

After the launch of Office 365 Groups most Organizations started their transition from traditional Distribution Groups to new Office 365 Groups. Microsoft team started to introduce new innovations to Office 365 Groups on the move and extended their Roadmap, Office 365 Groups has evolved from it initial stages and now have tighter integration capabilities with multiple Microsoft product line providing more enhanced features than ever before. Administrating Office 365 groups is now simplified with rich set of granular controls for management.

To know things in a nutshell, review the new Microsoft Ignite Australia 2015 session by Christophe Fiessinger MSFT.

View here: Office 365 Groups Overview, Administration and Roadmap


Your One stop resource with Support Articles to to create and manage Office 365 Groups

Access here: Office 365 Groups


New Support Articles published on Office 365 Groups

Multi-domain support for Office 365 Groups - Admin help

Make Office 365 groups public or private


Check out the latest innovations for Office 365 Groups.

Office 365 Groups now supports eDiscovery, litigation hold, dynamic membership and more!


Access the latest Office 365 Updates here:


Latest updates to Office 365 Groups Administration

What’s new in Office 365 Groups administration—June 2016 update


Office 365 Groups Guest access is coming to all customers starting September 2016, Access the essential Admin help below

Guest access to Office 365 groups - Admin Help

Also review another great announcement related to Office 365 Groups below

New capabilities in SharePoint Online team sites including integration with Office 365 Groups


Recently Microsoft came up with the plan of Automatic creation of Direct reports groups in outlook, and due to feedback received from Customers around the world, instead of making this update to roll-out globally, now this update applies to Customers that have received either message center post MC94808 or message center post MC98024.

Access the Related Support Articles below,

Automatic creation of Direct Reports groups in Outlook

Manage automatic creation of direct reports group - Admin help

Access this below Office Blogs post to know the recent significant enhancements made for Office 365 Groups

What’s new in Office 365 Groups for April 2017


Introducing Groups in Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android

Stay tuned for more updates...

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