Friday, February 24, 2023

Microsoft 365 Defender & Microsoft Sentinal

Microsoft 365 Defender is one of the key Security suite which is now being adopted by multiple Organizations, Microsoft 365 Defender has multiple products and solutions and each play a vital role in your Organizational security.

To get a Quick overview you of Microsoft 365 Defender you can access the Interactive guide below 

Access here: Microsoft 365 Defender interactive guide

Access the complete product documentation and resource references here: Microsoft 365 Defender

To know more you can access the Virtual Ninja trainings from @HeikeRitter MSFT

Access here : Microsoft 365 Defender Virtual Ninja Training

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel plays a vital role in your Security Infrastructure delivering intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise. 

Access the documentation and resource references here : Microsoft Sentinel documentation

Also review the Microsoft Sentinel Best practices e-book and documentation below

Download E-book here: Azure Sentinel Deployment Best practices 

Technical Documentation here: Best practices for Microsoft Sentinel

Register for the upcoming Microsoft Sentinel Unveiled Series 

Register here: Microsoft Sentinel Unveiled 1/2: Maximizing your Budget, Unlocking Cost Optimization and Log Management Best Practices for Microsoft Sentinel!

Register here: Microsoft Sentinel Unveiled 2/2: A Complete Guide to Onboarding, Migration, and Architectural Best Practices with Azure Lighthouse & GDAP for MSSPs

Additionally, I came across an excellent Notes from the field article using Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 Defender from David Caddick MSFT which provides great walkthrough of the Microsoft Defender products in action and show cases how you can get the best out of it.

Access here : Get Security Done (GSD) - Microsoft Security & M365 Defender

You can get more updates and support from Microsoft Tech community Security, Compliance, and Identity space,  Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel Blogs.

Join the Security Community email list to be notified about the upcoming webinars, events, and other announcements.

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