Saturday, April 18, 2020

Enabling Remote Work with Microsoft

Due to the current "Covid - 19" Crisis, Organizations has put forth plans to secure employees and providing them required support. As technology plays a vital role in today's world, Organizations are also required to continue to provide required services to their Customers and Clients and for which they are working towards building a strong remote working strategy and getting it implemented.

This blog post is a whereto post to provide you with some latest resources provided by Microsoft to support this Remote working strategy for Organizations.

Below is the new e-Book published by Microsoft on Enabling Remote work, This document provides initial guidance for enabling a remote workforce to have secure access to the organizational information, tools, and resources they need. 

Download the e-book here: Enabling Remote Work

Next is the new Webcast Series presented by Microsoft on Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365

Access here for the Webcast series: Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365

Join the "Enabling Remote Work" Space on Microsoft Tech  Community to access the latest content, discussions and share your experience.

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