Monday, December 31, 2018

New Microsoft role-based Certifications!

"Learning is evergreen" and to show case your skills to the global audience "Certifications" plays a major role, and with the current evolution of the technology we have different roles to manage and having the right skills to perform these roles are essential, with this being said Microsoft team again made significant changes to their certification path to align to the specific job roles.

You now have the next generation "Microsoft role-based certifications" available and also to support this new change, learning path is updated.

Access this guide to know all the available New Role based Certifications: Microsoft Role-based Certification guide

Access the Microsoft Certifications Index Poster here.

Browse here to know more on the New certifications:   Microsoft Role-based Certifications

As aforesaid now the learning path to obtain the New certifications are getting updated and you have a new one-stop resource for all your learning "Microsoft Learn" which will soon replace the "Microsoft Virtual Academy" and also you have other vital resources available in the community to help you reach your certification goals.

keep an eye on the "Microsoft Learning Blog" for latest updates.

Happy Learning !!!

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