Saturday, October 01, 2016

Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool now available

Microsoft team recently released the new Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool, which provides the ability to perform a simple test of network performance to determine how well the network would perform for a Skype for Business Online call.

The tool tests the connection to Microsoft Network Edge by streaming a set of packets to the nearest edge site and back for approximately 20s for a configured number of iterations. The tool reports:

Packet loss
Round-trip latency
Reorder packet percentage

A Nice tool to assess your environment for Skype for Business calls quality.

Download here: Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool

Review the install instructions and perform the tests.

Additionally, access this excellent blog post from Skype for Business Expert Randy Chapman on the installation and usage of this new Tool : Hands on with the new Skype for Business Online Network Assessment tool

Make sure you review the Microsoft Ignite On demand Sessions on Skype for Business to know more on the latest enhancements.


Microsoft team released updated version of the tool in December 2017,  Starting around 12/15, older versions of the tool may stop working and will report an issue with the relay configuration. Download and update to the latest version accordingly.

Above Tool download link is updated to point to the new version.

Read here for more information: Updated Network Assessment Tool released on 12/8 - added network connectivity checks

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