Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MVA Learning : Managing and Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2013 Email Delivery

Understanding the E-Mail Transport Architecture and trouble shooting E-mail Delivery issues are always challenging and interesting, Recently while reviewing the Microsoft Virtual Academy website came across this excellent Course on Exchange Server 2013, thought of a writing a quick post to share it with readers.

This course gives you an practical guidance on Exchange 2013 Transport Architecture and common troubleshooting scenarios,

Below is the categorization of topics covered in this course,
  • Implementing Exchange Transport Services - Explore Exchange Server Roles and explore Transport Services. Take a look at Transport Agents and the Transport Pipeline.
  • Configuring and Managing Transport Services - Learn to create and configure accepted domains, email address policies, and transport rules. Take a look at implementing high availability for Transport Services.
  • Troubleshooting Transport Services -Explore the tools and methods that help identify and resolve message delivery problems. Enable and review Transport Logging.

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