Friday, January 15, 2016

New capabilities of Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection

Exchange Online Protection is getting enhanced to meet today's security needs at a rapid rate. Email threats are one of the pain points for any Organization, building a strong E-mail Security system is essential if you want your Organization users to be safe from a wide range of Cyber attacks occur everyday, that will target up to your Leadership team and create serious Information Security issue within your Organization.

Exchange Online Protection was available as a part of Office 365 and Standalone and most of the Organizations already transitioned to EOP and utilizing various key benefits from the service to keep their E-mail environment safe, though this is a great news at one instance, new type of threats started to arise everyday from every corner of the world and to address this, new proactive security enhancements are needed and Advanced Threat Protection is one of the key add-on for EOP.

You can use ATP as as an add-on service in your existing subscription and also its bundled with the latest E5 Subscription.

I am writing this post to refer you to the latest innovations added to EOP and ATP published recently.

Below are the key updates released,
  • Dynamic Delivery of Safe Attachments
  • Zero-hour Auto Purge
  • Safety Tips in Outlook on the web
  • Protection against insider spoofing
  • Phish reporting
  • Filtering common malicious attachment types
Watch the Office Mechanics Video to view these features in action.

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Stay tuned for more updates...

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