Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Office 2016 is now here!!!

Most awaited Office vNext a.k.a Office 2016 is released publicly today to the world as announced by Microsoft recently. Office 2016 comes with various set of rich features and enhancements that makes the adoption favorable.

Some great features like real-time co-authoring, Inclusion of Skype for Business client, Office 365 Groups and new Office 365 planner are available and also support for Modern,Cloud-based attachment from one drive for recipients along with other great features adds significance for this release.

Also this version of Office works well with Windows 10 and takes you experience to next level with rich set of features as explained in the Office Blogs post.

For enterprise customers along with the above said features, Office 2016 has built-in Data Loss prevention (DLP) and supports Multi-factor authentication, IRM for Visio and also New Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) is coming soon to Office in early 2016

Along with this Office 2016 for Mac will also be available as a one-time purchase.

Review the Official announcement post below with more updates

The new Office is here

Review the get started section to know how to prepare yourself to obtain the new Office

How do I update Office to Office 2016 using Office 365 for business?

How do I upgrade to Office 2016 if I have an Office 365 subscription?

Microsoft team has just released The Office 2016 Deployment Tool that allows the administrator to customize and manage Office 2016 Click-to-Run deployment.

Download here: Office 2016 Deployment Tool

To know when you will get the Office 2016 review the below Windows IT Pro blog

When will I get Office 2016 under my Office 365 subscription? -WindowsITPro

*Be sure to read the Office 2016 Problems and Solutions and Frequently Asked Questions from Office 365 Community forums.

Office 2016 Problems and Solutions and Frequently Asked Questions

*Need help with the new Office 2016, read the below post.

Need Help with Office 2016?

Before you adopt Office 2016 review few key Blog post and articles available on the topic in the community.

Office 2016 - great for Office 365 but not so good for on-premises customers - Tony Redmond's Exchange Unwashed blog

Office 365 – Using Office ProPlus? Take Caution Upgrading To 2016 - Joe Palarchio (Perficient)

Few key updates:

Info path is not available with Office 2016, if you still want to use Info path review the below WindowsITPro post

Reminder - InfoPath is not included with Office 2016

one more new issue update below

Skype for Business is removed when you upgrade to Office 2016 

If you decided not to upgrade to Office 2016 and stay with Office Proplus review the below Microsoft Knowledge Base article suggests the steps to prevent Office 2016 upgrade.

How do I stay on Office ProPlus 2013

you can review the below references to more about this release.

Great article from Redmond Magazine that covers everything in a nutshell

Office 2016 Comes With Some Install Caveats

The Launch of Office 2016: The Most Secure Office EVER - In the Cloud Blog

Office 2016: Reinventing productivity and business processes - Satya Nadella - Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Office 2016 Is Microsoft’s Best Hope to Show It’s Changed - Wired.com

What's new (and still to come) in Microsoft's Office 2016 for Windows - ZDNet

One key update from the above ZDNet post

MSDN subscribers will have access to both Office 2016 for Mac and Windows today, starting at about 9 am PT/noon ET. Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) availability for Office 2016 for Windows will be October 1. (VLSC customers got Office 2016 for Mac in August.)

Adoption and Training

Next step, Once a new product is released is the Training for end users and below is the new Office Training Center for Office 2016

Access here: Office Training Center

Along with Office 2016 for IT Admins Demo videos from Office Mechanics

Office Mechanics: Office 2016 for IT Admins 

*Download handy Quick Start Guides from Microsoft to play around with Office 2016

Download our free Office 2016 Quick Start Guides

Take a quick preview of the new experience from Microsoft Office Pressroom Image Gallery

Microsoft Office Pressroom: Image Gallery

I have curated few vital resources on the topic currently available in the community and more to follow soon... stay tuned...


Hope everyone already started to explore the new Office, be sure to read the references above before you start deploying new Office to your end users.

To know more about the new Office and get your queries answered, Join the upcoming Office 2016 YamJam on the Office 365 Network tomorrow September 24th from 9-10 am PT

Join here:  Office 2016 YamJam


Microsoft team Answers to few Top Questions on Office 2016

Your top questions about Office 2016 answered

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