Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Troubleshoot Password Synchronization when using an Azure AD sync Appliance

Directory synchronization is a key component with Office 365, Password Sync is one of the key features of Directory synchronization that is implemented on a vast scale, with recent deployments by both Organizations that deploy AD FS for SSO and also by Organizations that rely on Password Sync for Same Sign-on.

This article contains information to help you troubleshoot common issues that you may encounter when you synchronize passwords from the on-premises environment to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) by using an Azure AD sync appliance.

Access the Troubleshooter here: http://aka.ms/hrcsync

Read the first section "Before you start troubleshooting" and ensure that you have the latest version of Azure AD Connect installed. 

Note: All other Azure AD Sync appliances are being deprecated. Therefore, if you're using another appliance, install Azure AD Connect.

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