Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Office 365 Security - New MVA Courses now Available

Microsoft team is doing great in terms of providing excellent product and technical training in the recent years and Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses are on the top priority in the available resources list, which provides more insight on each product to the core with excellent walk-through training sessions and labs, to add further to the list Courses available for Office 365 and to provide more insight on the latest Microsoft Security enhancements with Office 365, three new Courses launched recently and now made available in Microsoft Virtual Academy website.

Office 365 Security & Compliance: Exchange Online Protection

Topics covered: 

01 | Introduction to EOP

02 | EOP Architecture

03 | How Does EOP Handle Spam?

04 | Exchange Transport Rules

05 | Reporting & Message Trace

06 | Mail-Flow & Connectors

07 | Data Privacy

Next Steps | Recommended Resource

Encryption in Office 365

Topics Covered:

01 | ​Introduction to Encryption in Office 365

02 | Information Rights Management

03 | Office 365 Message Encryption

04 | S/MIME

Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

Topics Covered:

01 | Introduction to Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

02 | End User Experience

03 | DLP Policy Management Fundamentals

04 | Under the Hood: Sensitive Content Detection

05 | DLP Reporting and Customization

Recommended Resources & Next Steps

Access the Office Blogs post to know more : Microsoft Virtual Academy courses—Office 365 security

*Also these videos are Available in Channel 9 for download on demand.

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