Monday, October 20, 2014

Exchange Online Mailbox Usage Report

Analyzing Mailbox Usage in an Exchange On premises / Exchange Online Environment is quite vital to know the amount of Mailbox usage of each user inside the Organization.  

To generate the Usage report we rely on two important Exchange Cmd lets Get-Mailbox and Get-MailboxStatistics both contain different data and when combined together provides us the complete Mailbox Usage report where we have the current Mailbox usage and the set Quota on the mailbox comparing both give us the actual usage statistics.

I have written a PowerShell Script that gets this report generated, it can be used for both Exchange Onpremises and Exchange Online and once the task is done it sends the report in an E-mail to the Administrator.  This report can be scheduled to run weekly to identify the Mailbox Usage inside the environment.

This report also includes Mailbox last logon date to identify whether the mailbox is a stale mailbox or not. This report provides us the best method to identify users above the mailbox size limit and assist to perform clean-up inside the environment for effective mailbox management.

Download the script from Script Center here: Exchange Online Mailbox Usage Report

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