Thursday, June 01, 2017

Protect your data at the front door with conditional access

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Security provides Organization with enhanced conditional access controls powered by Azure Active Directory Premium.

Conditional access has evolved in the recent days and the latest documentation can be found here : Conditional access in Azure Active Directory

Access the below Whitepaper to Learn how to use conditional access to keep corporate data secure while still enabling people to do their best work from any device.

Protect your data at the front door: Enterprise Mobility + Security conditional access can help you:

  • Set parameters to restrict access based on application, user, location, or risk
  • Enforce device compliance on managed or unmanaged employee devices
  • Identify and classify vulnerable access scenarios based on risk

Download here: Protect your data at the front door with conditional access


After the General Availability of Azure AD Admin console few more new announcements were made for Conditional Access recently as below

The New Intune and Conditional Access Admin Consoles are GA

Ping Access for Azure AD is now Generally Available (GA)!

Azure AD Conditional Access now supports Microsoft Teams & the Azure Portal


Access the blog post below to know more on how EMS benefits today's Organization need for digital transformation and the new EMS experience after the availability of  the Unified Admin experience in Azure Portal,  that is essential for every IT Pro to increase their productivity.

Access here: Enabling a more strategic role for IT with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Be sure to review the Microsoft Mechanics video: New unified EnterPrise Mobility + Security Management experience in the Azure Portal


Read the below documentation to get to know how Conditional Access can be applied for Azure AD B2B users.

Read here:  Conditional access for B2B collaboration users


Access the latest Microsoft Inspire 2017 video session on the  benefits of new Conditional Access: Identity-driven security through conditional access


Beginning August 9, accessing the authenticated Office 365 home page (either through or will require that your users satisfy the Azure Active Directory Premium Conditional Access policies that you have applied to either Exchange Online or SharePoint Online.

Read here to know more: Changes to authentication requirements for the Office 365 home page Conversation Options

Microsoft team has changed the dates for the Roll-out plan of the above changes and now its planned for Aug 24th  as per the Official Announcement made in the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog.

Access the Official Announcement here: An update to Azure AD Conditional Access for

Stay tuned for more updates...

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