Thursday, December 29, 2016

Advance your Azure skills from today!

Whether you’re new to Azure or already a cloud professional, training is one of the best investments you can make in your career. Microsoft is offering a free online training option and great deals on certification.

A new addition to the list of existing variety of technical training, tools and resources from Microsoft, This new Free Online training is based on a modern learning model called a Massively Open Online Course, or MOOC. MOOCs are so much more than online videos and demos – they incorporate videos, labs, graded assessments, office hours, and more.

You can access the growing catalog of MOOCs right now, for free. Finishing each MOOC includes a digital certificate of completion ready to share on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Access the Official Blog post here: New cloud trainings for next-generation tech professionals

Why to wait, choose the best option for you, your Organization and your Customer, begin your Azure Learning today and level up your skills.

Start here: Advance your Azure skills

Currently Available Modules in this MOOC are below and active till June 2017.

Register for these courses today and advance your Azure skills!

Add-on Resources:

Your One stop for all Azure Resources

Access here: Azure Architecture Center

Practice with the latest cloud products and services in a live environment and advance your cloud skills for free using the Hands-on-Labs

Get hands-on with cloud technologies from Microsoft

Join the Azure Master Program today to build and prove your expertise, advance your career and expand your organization’s technology footprint with hands-on Azure trainings and certifications. And in the process, get recognized as Azure Masters.

Know more and Join here: Azure Master Program

Stay tuned for more updates...

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