Thursday, May 26, 2016

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When it comes to Cloud adoption, there is always comparison between the best platform that fits an Organization strategy. Investments made in Cloud are increasing day by day and there is always tough competition exits between different Cloud providers, and when it comes to this evaluation Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the hottest topic and both of these Cloud giants are not less than the one another and some Organizations adopt Multi-Cloud approach and takes benefits of both the platforms.

To help customers decide which platform is right for their needs, Microsoft team have created a reference chart to show each IT capability along with its corresponding service or feature in both Azure and AWS.

Access the Reference Chart here: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

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  1. Thanks, this reference chart looks very useful for deciding whether to choose which platform. I'll see if I use this as a guideline. Azure Support Services